Redness & Rosacea

Redness and Rosacea

Laser therapy began in the early 1960’s with the Ruby laser.  The ruby laser was a “new way” to treat vascular lesions with its focus on absorption of hemoglobin in a non-specific fashion.  The down side to this laser was destruction of tissue which in turn caused higher rates of scarring which led to the Argon laser which had its laser emission very close to the oxyhemoglobin curve or the red within the blood cells. This treatment due to the heating of superficial dermis to caused scarring especially in children. Hence, years later the V beam with its subtypes up to the V beam perfecta all by the Candela Corporation. The V beam perfecta has the ability to treat some facial vascular lesions with nominal or no purpura because of its longer pulse duration.

Treating with the Vbeam perfecta can take up to 30 minutes depending on multiple factors but again this is a generalization. Your treatment will depend on your specific concerns.

Common side effects include reddens of the skin and bruising which is usually temporary.

Individual treatments are tailored to the individual. Candela has preset wavelengths but it the provider who determines the pulse duration, spot size and fluency.  Same lesions may be treated in one sitting others can be multiple treatments. There is no cookie cutter treatment.

One MUST remember that this is a laser and it is only as safe as the provider behind the switch.  Our providers at Abrams dermatology have had extensive training including a 4 day internship with world renowned physicians in Miami.  Too aggressive of treatments may cause blistering of the skin, atrophy of the skin, hyper/hypo-pigmentation and scarring. No matter how good a laser is, it is important to have someone with training and experience using it. Read more about our V Beam Treatment.

Rosacea Calming Aesthetic Treatments

PCA Pumpkin Facial
Gently boost exfoliation through this natural pumpkin treatment. Excellent as it stimulates collagen production, blood and lymph circulation resulting in a tighter and brighter complexion. This facial is recommended for patients with mild Rosacea.


PCA Skin Sensi Peel
Formulated for ethnic and sensitive skin with 12% Lactic. This peel strengthens and brightens the skin while treating sun damage and hyper-pigmentation. Recommended for calming rosacea’s redness and inflammation.


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