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Dr. Abrams is regarded as one of the top specialists in this area for diagnosing and treating all types of skin conditions. With this in mind, many general and family practice physicians send their patients to Dr. Abrams for a second opinion and treatment of their dermatological needs.

A consultation consists of a review of your medical history, evaluation of the current skin condition that brought you to our office, and may include a biopsy if deemed necessary in order to obtain clinical confirmation of a skin condition. You may also request a complete skin cancer screening at the time of your visit. Upon completion of your examination, you will be informed of your treatment options and provided with a follow-up appointment if necessary.

If your condition does not required further clinical diagnosis, such as a clearly benign lesion that is painful or irritated, you may request to have the lesion completely removed during your consultation.

Before Your Visit

During a consultation, it is common to get distracted and to forget the medicine currently taken or any question that might have crossed our mind. This is why we recommend our patients to do a little bit of “homework” to beneficiate from their consultation as best as possible.

  1. Write down the list of medications you currently take as well as the dose and frequency. (including vitamin and over-the-counter medication)
  2. Make a list of products that you use so you can ask your dermatologist if these are okay for your skin type.
  3. Take a close look at all your body areas and write down any lesion, spot or area of concern
  4. Write down any questions you want to ask your dermatologist on a sheet of paper and bring it with you to the visit because it’s very easy to forget what you want to discuss during the actual consultation. Feel free to take notes too.

During Your Visit

We recommend you come to the office without makeup. This will allow the doctor to have a better look at your skin. Dr. Abrams or our Nurse Practitioner will take the time to go over your medical history and any concern or question you may have. They will explain to you in detail any treatment option recommended for your skin condition or lesion. We want to make sure our patients understand the different aspect of a treatment. We take the time to give our patient precise oral and written directions on how to use a prescription product or on a specific skin condition. We sometimes have samples that we can provide our patients when necessary.

There is not over night cure and most skin conditions takes time to be treated. We schedule follow up appointments with our patients to monitor the progress of the treatment and re-evaluate the skin condition.

During your visit, we focus our effort in making your visit as comfortable as possible. We understand that a doctor’s visit can be stressful and combersome and we make sure we go above and beyond to make your experience enjoyable. Our fun, friendly and compassionate team is dedicated to make your visit agreeable and answer any concern or question you may have so don’t hesitate to ask!

  1. Bring your list of medications and products used
  2. Bring your list of areas, spot to look at and any questions you may have
  3. If prescribed medicine, make sure you understand clearly the side effects and risks, as well as what you should and should not do to minimize their effects. Don’t hesitate to ask the doctor or medical assistant to go over with you or write it down for you if needed.
  4. We sometimes have samples so don’t hesitate to ask us if we have any to treat your condition.
  5. If you were prescribed a medicine that is too expensive, don’t hesitate to ask if we could suggest a generic that might be of lower cost.
  6. Unless you have suspicious moles on parts of your skin that never see the sun, you will be able to keep your clothes on.

Don’t forget, we know it can be embarrassing and emotionally distressing to see a dermatologist, but keep in mind that we aren’t judging you for having imperfect skin. We are here to treat you and relieve any concern you may have.

After Your Visit

Our providers are available to discuss any questions you may have regarding the prescription given, post-care, or any concern following your visit.

We want to make sure you follow any advice given. We are here to answer all your questions.


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