Frequently Asked Questions

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Every person is different. Some people will have acne as a teen and it will be gone; others will have it well into adulthood. Some people will never have it at all. There are a variety of factors related to your hormones and heredity, so we need to treat each case as unique. There are many great treatments available for all types of acne. Contact your healthcare provider or dermatologist for the right treatment for you.

If someone stays on a consistent acne regimen, it can take 2 months or more to see results.


We are all different. Not all peoples’ bodies react the same as others.

It is recommended that a person with no history of skin cancer be examined once a year, and every six months for people that have had skin cancer in the past.


When removing something from the skin it usually involves cutting it. When you make a cut into the skin it is changing the appearance of its original form. It will not heal to its normal state so there will always be a mark. Some people heal better than others and that is why you can see a mark on some and not all.

YES – absolutely. Use 30 SPF or higher and reapply every 2 hrs when out in sun.

Skin Cancer

Most of your damage was done while young. Most people are cautious as adults but were more active outdoors, mostly without sunscreen, while they were younger. It can take years before the signs of sun damage can surface.

YES. Skin cancer cells are microscopic. The lesion may heal up after biopsy, but the cancer cells may still be there under the surface and need to be treated.

NO. It will grow larger and deeper the longer you leave it there.

If a spot on your skin doesn’t heal, changes shape, color and size, or seems to bleed often, it should be checked by your Dermatologist.


A wart is a virus that can be stubborn and hard to treat. With treatment they can go away, come back and even spread.

Usually NO. Warts grow in areas of trauma and if cut off may recur even larger and worse. On occasion they will be cut off only under certain circumstances.

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