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Shave Removal

Skin Biopsy "A shave removal is a technique for removing benign lesions. The result is often a scar so small that we can’t even find it a few months later. No stitches needed." 

A shave removal is a technique where we use a flat scalpel or razor blade and numb up and shave off the mole (we shave it flat) or any benign lesions such as skin tags.  The shave removal provides the best cosmetic result provided that -the mole is raised enough that it is easy to shave off and that– the mole is in a “good” location that tends to heal well and with minimal scarring . An example of a “good” location is the face.  An example of a “bad” location in some people is the chest or shoulders. However, even in a “bad” location, the right mole (the raised fleshy kind) can be shaved off with an excellent cosmetic result.

This procedure is recommended for benign lesions as it provides the best cosmetic results. No stitches are needed and the scar is barely noticable.

This procedure doesn't prevent the mole or lesion from coming back although it may take years. Sometimes, the mole heal as a dark but flat mole but it can fade away overtime.

Regardless of the procedure, Biopsy or shave removal, the tissue remove will be send to a pathology lab to be examin and make sure it is benign.

Any mole should be examine by a dermatologist on a yearly basis. It is important to schedule an annual skin exam to prevent and detect any skin cancer.

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