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"Mohs Surgery’s wide acceptance stems from the fact that for certain kinds of skin cancer, it offers a cure rate of approximately 99.8%.

Extraction is a method of removing unwanted skin lesions such as milia or comedones on the face. A sharp instrument called a lancet is used to puncture the lesion. Then a comedone extractor is used to extract the unwanted debris.

This procedure does not require stitches, and the extracted areas heal on their own.

Milia is those annoying little white heads that just never seem to come to the surface and go away. A thick, white stuff comes out when you pick and poke and finally pop the bump.

Milia is caused by the skin's ability to naturally exfoliate.Milia are deep seeded white bumps that form when skin cells become trapped rather than exfoliate naturally. The trapped cells become walled off into tiny cysts that appear like white beads below the surface of the skin. Milia can occur on the skin or even on mucous membranes such as the inner surface of the cheek or the vermillion border of the lips.

As the surface is worn away, the tiny cyst may resolve on its own. Far too often, though, intervention to remove the cyst may offer more rapid resolution.



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